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March 4, 2023

#28 It's Ok To Grieve with Lynne Thompson

#28 It's Ok To Grieve with Lynne Thompson
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This might seem like a heavy topic but it is important to speak out loud about the hard stuff.  We stuff down too much and it doesn't serve us in a healthy way. Moving through loss and the grieving process is different for each person and it's ok to honor the process.  Lynne made me aware of an area that I had not looked at as grieving the loss or in this case, change.  Grief is ok to talk about and it is ok to ask for help if needed.  

All of her info is at https://linktr.ee/StoriedHuman

DM her at instagram: LThompson_574

email: TheStoriedHuman@gmail.com

Always looking for people to share their stories!

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