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Inspiring and Validating

There are so many inspiring guests and so many tools to learn and ways to empower your life! Kathleen really listens to her guests and gets so much out of them, which in turn helps us to learn more. Highly recommend.

Easy listening

Katherine’s voice is so soothing. Enjoyed listening.

Love the Content

It is an open minded conversation about relevant topics. I enjoyed listening.

Help Finding Balance

We all can get overwhelmed and stressed, and Your Life Your Way is a nice reminder that we can take control of the negative factors in our lives and create a lower-stress life for ourselves. If you're gluten-free, be sure to listen to the Aug 13, 2022 episode. It will give you hope that "you can have your cake and eat it too!"

No one Size Fits All Solution

Kathleen does a great job allowing you to help work on yourself, by giving you a large tool set to work out with. Not everything works and Kathleen is there to tell you to keep trying because there is always a solution!

Great podcast & conversations!

I so recommend this podcast, and if you love fashion don't miss the March 12, 2022 Episode with Liz Klebba! Listening to this podcast is like talking with friends!! Thank you, Kathleen for sharing your gifts with the world. Loving it!!

Wonderful Podcast!

Such a wonderful podcast! There is something for everyone & the topics are in-depth & full of useable information!! Kathleen is an amazing host & makes you feel like you're hanging out with a really good friend! You must listen!!

A Grand Introspective Journey

Kathleen takes us all on a terrific journey to explore who we are. Her guests share their amazing journeys all heartfelt, honest, and authenticity. A true joy to listen to each episode!!

Love it!

I love the podcast and your style of interviewing. So fluid and you give your guests space. Easy listening!


I love listening to this podcast and hearing Kathleen’s perspective on how to stay focused on what matters most to me.

Great Topics!

I really enjoy listening to this podcast. The way Kathleen presents the topics is thoughtful and geniune. Kathleen also has a great way with her interviews. I enjoy listening to this podcast.

Great content for everyone!

Loved the multi-passionate episode. It totally resignated with me and how I live my life. Well done with your questioning and keeping the flow of the conversation so fluid. Can’t wait to continue listening. Melissa


This is such a great podcast! The conversations that Kathleen brings us are both thought provoking and inspiring!

Life is too short

This is so true! I’m enjoying your podcast and looking forward to learning from you!!!!

A great listen!

I’m loving this podcast so much. Kathleen has such a good perspective on life and creating the life you want. I highly recommend and can’t wait to hear more.


Such an important topic!

A delightful podcast

I really relate to Kathleen’s perspective and how she gives her listeners permission to do things their own way. Highly recommend.

The way she is present

Kathleen does an excellent job at allowing her guests to shine while also asking poignant and thoughtful questions to dig deeper. I love how calming and introspective her episodes are. She has a way of drawing you in and making you feel so comfortable as though you are sitting in her living room, having a chat and some tea.

Enlightening and Insightful

Each episode brings new and insightful perspectives. I look forward to each episode knowing that it will bring fulfillment and joy to my day!

Great ideas here!

Really enjoying the concepts in your podcast