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June 25, 2022

Passion, Fun & Financial Planning with Kurt Mueller

Passion, Fun & Financial Planning with Kurt Mueller
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Who says your financial planning has to be dull, confusing and deer in the headlights??  I have learned that it absolutely does not have to be like that and it CAN be fun.  You just need the right financial advisor for YOU.  I am speaking today with my financial guy, Kurt Meuller with Apollon Wealth.

Kurt has been guiding me for over a year and he is totally different from any advisor I've met.  He is also a husband, father of 2 boys, brother and a BBQ wizard! Check his podcast, BBQ 4 Newbies on Spotify and Apple. He is passionate about life, family, community and helping clients build a lifetime of financial security.

You can find Kurt: kurt.mueller@apollonwealth.com

 Instagram @financearchitect    LinkedIn @kurtmueller1     Facebook @kurtmuellercfp  (BBQ 4 Newbies Podcast Facebook, too)   TikTok @financearchitect58

To connect with me...Email:  yourlifeyourwaypodcast@gmail.com for a Complimentary Consultation and information on Stress & Lifestyle Management Coaching and/or Restorative Yoga for Stress Reduction